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Your Layline ?

What is a “layline”? In a sailboat race you need to sail up-wind to reach and round the up-wind mark, or bouy. The ideal line of approach to the up-wind mark is call a “layline”. It is the line that you want to sail on to reach your objective ahead of your competition.

Are you on the Layline to make your mark? Every independent enterprise is like a racing sailboat. Some are small enough for a single man crew. But once a company is large enough to need employees it is like a racing yacht that requires a specialized crew. The boat needs a full crew with an owner, helmsman, tactician, sail trimmers, winch grinders and deck hands. A winning boat has a well-trained crew where all members know their own roles and clearly understand the race plan. The objective has to be identified and tactics set of how to make the up-wind mark ahead of the pack. When your company, or boat, is on the ideal course to make your objective in the shortest time, you are on the Layline. Clearwater Layline can help provide your company with all of the expertise necessary to form a winning crew without the need for full-time employees in each function. Contact us to put together a world-class, winning crew to put you on your Layline.

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