Clearwater Layline LLC - Getting on your Layline to make your mark.
Why Clearwater ?
The resources of our world must be stewarded with care to ensure a sustainable environment within which we can succeed as businesses and as individuals. Clearwater Layline works with clients to develop successful business enterprises while positively impacting the natural world around us. We provide specific expertise and support in “green” initiatives.

  • Filtration technologies to address water problems
  • Natural bio-mimicry solutions for water treatment
  • Resource recovery and energy saving through recycling
  • Innovative and environmentally-friendly re-use of recovered materials  
  • Business footprint reduction for savings and sustainability
  • Market research within Brazil with local research associates
  • Filtration market knowledge and promotion with the Meio Filtrante trade journal
  • Water treatment market connection with Revista TAE, Tratamente de Agua e Efluentes

If you are considering business improvements in any of these areas, we should be talking.
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